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Slab track design

Ballastless or slab track design. Stabirails new system revolutionizes the world of railway track design and train track laying with faster construction times and lower whole-life costs.

Ballastless or slab track design

Ballastless track design offers many advantages compared to its traditional counterpart. Slab track design lacks the necessity for underlying ballast because the rails are anchored directly to a concrete slab. Ballastless railway track design combines superior stability with an almost complete absence of deformation. Therefore, slab track design incurs significantly lower maintenance costs compared to ballasted systems.

railway - slab track

Railway track

Railway Track Construction & Engineering by Stabirail, a more accurate and cost-effective method for the construction of railway track.

High Speed Railway - slab track

High Speed railway

Stabirails new railway technology shortens construction times and guarantees better performance.

Railway tunnel - slab track

Railway tunnel

Laying subway rails simplified with Stabirails new railway track construction technology.

Train Wash system

Train Wash

Building an elaborate train washing system used to be a very time-consuming job. Not anymore.

Stabirails method for ballastless railway track laying

Stabirails new ballastless railway track laying method took the world of slab track design by storm, with its guaranteed faster track laying times and more accurate design, thus cutting costs even further.

Stabirails new method for railway track design provides many advantages:

  • Faster working method
  • Better accuracy
  • Reduced vibration to surroundings
  • Shallow construction height
  • Reduced dead load
  • Higher running speeds
  • Very low maintenance
  • Long design life
  • Low whole-life cost