Slab track design

Slab track design. Stabirail’s new system revolutionizes the world of railway track design and ballastless track laying with faster construction times and lower whole-life costs.

Slab track design

Ballastless track or slab track design is a modern approach to railway track construction. In this type of track construction rails are anchored directly to a concrete slab and no underlying ballast is needed. Despite their initial construction costs, slab track designs are an excellent long-term investment for a modern railway as they eliminate most of the downsides of traditional track.

railway - slab track

Railway track

Railway Track Construction & Engineering by Stabirail, a more accurate and cost-effective method for the construction of railway track.

High Speed Railway - slab track

High Speed railway

Stabirails new railway technology shortens construction times and guarantees better performance.

Railway tunnel - slab track

Railway tunnel

Laying subway rails simplified with Stabirails new railway track construction technology.

Train Wash system

Train Wash

Building an elaborate train washing system used to be a very time-consuming job. Not anymore.

Stabirail’s slab track construction process

Stabirail’s new slab track construction process has taken the world of slab track construction by storm. Our innovative approach makes it possible to install track on slabs even faster than previously possible, further reducing costs and track construction times.

While modern ballasted track is extremely reliable, ballast still requires frequent checks and replacements regardless of its age. Slab track on the other hand eliminates the need for ballast entirely, making it much less maintenance intensive. Slab track designs are also more stable as their construction method makes it nearly impossible for track to deform once anchored to a slab.

For the most efficient and durable ballastless track laying system, look no further than Stabirail. Our slab track laying method has proven itself many times over to be fast, accurate, and low maintenance. Other advantages of our slab track system include:

  • Faster working method
  • Better accuracy
  • Reduced vibration to surroundings
  • Shallow construction height
  • Reduced dead load
  • Higher running speeds
  • Very low maintenance
  • Long design life
  • Low whole-life cost

Work with Stabirail’s slab track laying technology

Slab track designs have never been more efficient with Stabirail’s concrete slab laying technology. Our unique system for ballastless track construction reduces dead load and requires less construction height than traditional methods. Concrete slabs have an exceptionally long design life and require little to no maintenance.

Interested in working with us? Our specialized technology is available for rent and purchase. No matter the size or complexity of your project, Stabirail has a tailored solution. Our experienced professionals can be hired for comprehensive instruction in the use of our slab track technology and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

For the most reliable slack track construction technology, look no further than Stabirail. With its use in railway tunnels and other railway construction projects, our ground-breaking technology has proven to be the most efficient slab track construction design.

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