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Railway construction by Stabirail

Stabirail’s new method for slab track construction guarantees faster construction times and a lower cost for laying ballastless railroad tracks. Railway construction at a low cost!

Stabirail has developed a new and ground-breaking technique for milling concrete blocks. Using this method railway rails can be assembled directly on the concrete bed. Our new method is tried and tested. To further lower costs, railway construction is carried out by a slab track laying train consisting of:

  • Concrete Milling Machine with filter press (waste water recycling)
  • Diamond Drilling train
  • Anchoring train
  • Tanker (10,000 litres water and 2500 litres diesel)
  • Lorry with water tank.

Railway construction by Stabirail – slab track at a low cost!

Stabirail has designed and developed a unique method for milling concrete blocks which ensures the rails can be assembled accurately and directly on the concrete bed, thus guaranteeing faster construction times and a lower cost. Stabirail’s new railway construction method will save you time and money.

Our slab track laying train consists of 3 machines used consecutively. First the Concrete Milling Machine passes through.
This new technology to mill concrete rail beds is designed to work with millimeter accuracy. It’s a continuous process in which entire concrete blocks are milled simultaneously. The entire machine is operated by a 3D system and is capable of working on parabolic transitional curves and transitional slopes.

The diamond discs are water cooled to prevent dust formation. The cooling water is provided by a 10,000-litre capacity tanker. After the sludge is separated, the cooling water is reused. This machine can operate completely autonomously.

Following the concrete milling machine, comes the Drilling Train. The middle part of our slab track laying train drills holes in the concrete bed by means of a diamond tip drill. Afterwards, these holes will be used to anchor the track. The drilling train is equipped with a generator and water tanks and can be operated completely autonomous.

The holes are drilled using a water-cooled diamond drill. Therefore, vibrations passed to the surrounding infrastructure are kept at a minimum and dust formation is ruled out.

The final part of our slab track laying train, the Anchoring Train, consisting of two parts. The anchoring unit and the driving train.

The anchoring train can operate autonomously because it is equipped with a generator, water tank, air compressor and hydraulic crane.

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