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About Stabirail

Stabirail’s new method for laying slab track revolutionizes railroad and railway construction. Stabirail, one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors!

Belgium is home to one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors. Stabirail developed a ground-breaking method for laying slab. Because our new system for “bottom up”-construction of ballastless track offers previously unseen advantages, it is taking the world of railway or railroad construction by surprise. Stabirail designed and developed a unique method for milling concrete blocks so the rails can be assembled directly and accurately on the concrete beds.

Slab track already offers countless advantages compared to its traditional counterpart. Reduced vibration to surroundings, shallower construction height, low maintenance costs and a long design life are some of the more known advantages of slab track railway construction. We earned our title as one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors by developing a new working method that adds a faster working method and higher accuracy to the mix.

Stabirails equipment for laying slab track consists of 3 machines that are being used consecutively. The equipment consists of a concrete milling machine, a drilling machine and a machine for anchoring tracks. The entire machine is operated by a state-of-the-art 3D system, which allows for a – previously unseen – 2mm accuracy. Because these machines are able to work simultaneously, we can guarantee faster construction times. Furthermore, Stabirail’s new slab track railway construction method has proven to be most effective when laying ballastless train tracks in tunnels or over bridges.

Slab track railroad construction on bridges

Longitudinal movement is one of the most commonly encountered problems when laying slab track on bridges. In traditional “top down” methods for laying slab track, the rails are put in place first. Afterwards – when pouring concrete – the total weight of the construction is increased many fold. This increase in weight will cause the bridge to sag, which will eventually cause longitudinal movement of the train rails.

Stabirail’s new and improved “bottom up”-method for laying slab track avoids longitudinal movement all together. Because the concrete is poured before the rails are put in place, no sagging and therefor no longitudinal movement will take place.

Slab track railway construction in tunnels

Because the underground in tunnels is usually stiff and stable, a tunnel is the perfect location for slab track railroad construction. The application of slab track in tunnels is very efficient in terms of railway construction, durability, strength and costs.

Using Stabirails new and improved “top down” method for railroad construction, slab track can be assembled directly on the concrete bed, thus reducing dead load. Our railway construction train is operated by a state of the art 3D system, which allows for 2mm accuracy.

You can call on many rail contractors for railway construction, but only Stabirail guarantees faster construction times at lower costs. Stabirail, one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors!

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