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Railway construction in tunnels

Metro construction. Laying subway rails simplified with Stabirails new railway track construction technology. Suited for every type of metro tunnel.

Ballastless subway rails can, due to their shallow construction height, easily provide the extra clearance needed to convert a line to overhead electrification or for the passage of larger trains.

slab track - metro tunnelLaying ballastless subway rails

Stabirail has designed and developed a new ground-breaking technology for milling concrete blocks so that the subway rails can be assembled accurately and directly on the concrete. Our new technique is especially suitable for subway or metro construction. Laying subway rails used to be a very time consuming business, not with Stabirail.

New metro rail construction technology

Stabirails new metro rail construction technology consists of 3 machines working consecutively. The first machine is used to mill concrete beds with the utmost precision. Afterwards the drilling train passes through. This train makes diamond drilled holes in the concrete bed. Finally, we send in the anchoring train. It consists of both a anchoring unit and a driving unit, so this machine can be operated autonomously.

Stabirails proven method for laying subway rails revolutionizes the world of metro construction. We guarantee faster tracklaying times in every type of tunnel.

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