Railway track construction

Railway Track Construction & Engineering by Stabirail. We designed and developed a more accurate and cost-effective method for the construction of railway track.

Railway track construction

As the leading developer of ballastless railway track construction methods in Belgium, Stabirail has designed a track laying system with plenty of advantages. From increased accuracy to extreme durability, our system is one of the most cost-effective methods for railway track construction.

Slab track rail construction undeniably comes with a larger price tag up front than its traditional counterpart. Long term however, railway track construction using ballasted track is without a doubt the more expensive option. This is due to the high maintenance cost associated with keeping ballast in good working condition, as badly maintained ballast affects the speed and safety of a railway.

One of slab tracks’ biggest advantages therefore is the virtual elimination of maintenance costs thanks to its lack of ballast. There are numerous examples of slab track rail running smoothly 25 years after construction, even with little to no maintenance.

Slab track laying

Stabirail’s new technology for anchoring rail has revolutionized the world of railway track construction. Where other methods are very time consuming, Stabirail’s unique concrete milling technique yields impressive turnaround times. Our railway track construction method allows for the highest accuracy – up to 2mm – while simultaneously offering some of the fastest construction times in the sector.

For an expertly developed rail construction solution, look no further than the Stabirail method. With its fast completion times and excellent durability, our slab track construction solution has proven to be the most efficient railway track construction solution available today.

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