Railway track construction

Railway Track Construction & Engineering by Stabirail. We designed and developed a more accurate and cost-effective method for the construction of railway track.

Railway track construction & engineering

Stabirail has designed and developed a more cost effective method for railway track construction. The Belgian company’s new revolutionary method for the construction of railway track offers many advantages. Compared to its traditional counterpart, the low maintenance cost really jumps out. While traditional railway track requires heavy maintenance, particularly surfacing and lining to restore the desired track geometry and smoothness of vehicle running, ballastless railway track hardly ever requires any maintenance after construction is complete. There are numerous examples of ballastless railway track where little or no maintenance has been carried out over the past 25 years.

Slab track laying

Stabirails new technology for anchoring tracks has revolutionized the world of railway track construction and engineering. Where the traditional method is very time consuming, Stabirails method for railway track construction allows for the highest accuracy – up to 2mm – while diminishing construction times.

Stabirails method has proven to be the most efficient solution for railway track construction and engineering.

If you are looking for a railway construction company that does more than only promise to cut costs, contact us to learn more about our revolutionary technique for railway track construction.