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High Speed Railway

High speed rail construction made better! Stabirails new railway technology shortens construction times and guarantees better performance.

Slab track was first introduced on lines which have high stress imposed on trackage, like lines with high frequency, high speed rail and in railway tunnels. Ballastless track is highly suitable for high speed railway construction. Due to the absence of any ballast, damage by flying ballast is eliminated, something that occurs at speeds in excess of 250km/h.
Ballastless railway track offers many advantages. The most important, in reference to high speed rail, are an almost complete absence of deformation and a superior stability.

High speed rail construction by Stabirail

High speed rail will never be the same after Stabirails revolutionary technology for anchoring tracks. Our method has proven to be the most efficient with a higher accuracy (up to 2mm) and faster construction times.

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